A Maity Fine Wedding

Do you ever meet those people whose life should be made into a movie? Whenever I get to spend time with Sandeep and Cheena, I want to grab a pen and start writing down the plot for the script of their movie. It does not get better than the way God has orchestrated these two together to bring Him glory. So pull up a chair, grab a bag of popcorn, and view their special day through pictures, a prequel to the rest of their lives. 

The Bride

Meet Cheena. A bundle of laughs, joy, and Jesus. The kind of woman that goes out of her way to love other people well. When you ask her to pray for you... you KNOW that she will. When you're having a hard day and need some wisdom, she's there. And if you need a partner in crime to go on an adventure with, she's the one to call. A teacher. A friend. A world-changer. 

The Groom

Meet Sandeep. The Jesus loving Indian who managed to single handedly sweet Cheena off her feet only spending one week with her at a summer camp in 2013. From sponsored child with Compassion International to traveling speaking for Compassion, Sandeep's life story is incredible. If you spend any time with this man you quickly come to find that he loves people and sees people the way the Lord does. He has a heart of gold, asks deep questions, and is constantly wanting to grow closer to the Lord. Anyone that meets Sandeep should count their blessings because he is one of a kind, just like his wife, and together they are moving mountains for the Kingdom.  

"Sari we're late... this is why!" 

The First Look.

The Bridal Party.


Two is better than one. 

The Ceremony.

A second first look for a surprise dress!

A Maity Fine Celebration

The Finale.

The sky is the limit for these two lovebirds because they believe so strongly in the one that created the sky, the people we come in contact with, and the storyline for their movie-worthy love story. Thanks for stopping by, supporting, and enjoying this Maity Fine Wedding. Feel free to comment, like, and share this post with the world.